Our business strategy—which has proven to be very successful for us—is to purchase undervalued 1-8 unit residential properties, renovate them to a highly desirable condition, and sell these properties directly to single-family home buyers or investors as quickly as possible after completion.

To generate value, we focus on aggressive project management coupled with the use of highly skilled and professional independent contractors to complete our renovations. In addition, we employ proactive marketing tactics to pre-sell our properties during the rehab stage instead of waiting until the project is complete. This gives us a head start that often enables us to sell our properties before the paint has even dried on them. Successful execution of these strategies rely on the high quality of work performed by our contractors, which is why we put such a high premium on finding the best contractors in the area and then developing long-term, mutually beneficial win-win relationships.


We actively strive to increase home ownership opportunities within the communities we redevelop, and improve the quality of life for the people who live in them by providing quality homes for a reasonable price.


We work hard to create positive and productive mutually beneficial relationships with our affiliated businesses and contracting teams. We strive to assist in the business development of our contracting teams with a goal of mutual growth and continued, long-term success. The use of our proven construction rehab system results in a more predictable and efficient process which consistently creates a superior product and increased profit for our contractors. Here are just a few of the benefits of working with Elevated Equity Partners:


Let’s get this straight right up front: Unlike some companies you may have worked with in the past, we love to pay our contractors. Really. We know you’ve got a business to run and bills to pay—so do we. We understand that when you complete a payment milestone that you want to get your payment as soon as possible. And we know that it’s in our interest to have a committed, happy contractor as a partner. So we will pay you—and pay you promptly—as the work is completed in the stages laid out at the onset of the project.


Our business strategy is to purchase distressed residential properties, and then renovate and sell them to retail home buyers and landlords. We have a dedicated acquisition team constantly scanning the market for properties that meet our investment profile. Our acquisitions specialists only get paid when we purchase a home, so they are highly motivated to find properties giving us a steady supply of projects for you and your team.

We also work with a national group of investors who provide us with the funding we need to finance our aggressive approach to buying, rehabbing, and selling properties in short timeframes. This resource of funds allows us to buy properties quickly and consistently.


We pride ourselves on having a strong foundation of real estate knowledge and training. Our core business lies within our systems, education, and knowledge of the real estate industry. We didn’t just become a real estate investor overnight. We have spent thousands of dollars on education and systems that allow us to be successful in this business and do it the right way the first time. We actively share our knowledge with our contractors, providing them with the information they need to help develop their own businesses and create long-term success—for themselves and for their workers. Renovating several homes a month generates tons of old and new clients asking for renovation advice, and more important, a “Good Contractor.” We believe wholeheartedly in recommending the people who help support our growth and would gladly recommend you and your team.


We have a proven system in place with a pre-determined Scope Of Work containing all the details of the renovations in one spot, making life much easier for our contractors.

We select all the materials that will go into our homes, and we clearly lay out everything that we want done by our contractors, so that they can focus on doing the work they do best—contracting.

Working within our system will allow you to move from job to job to job, and not have to worry about where your next job is coming from. We always hear from our contractors that one of the best things about working with Elevated Equity Partners is how every component in the Scope of Work is line-itemed, and materials often even have the associated SKU # and where to purchase it included. We know time is money for both of us, so we do the extra work on the front end to make sure our budgets and time frames are very accurate.